The Stonehenge Collection | ORIGINAL Pencil Signed By Jerry Garcia

    From the private collection of Stonehenge, the original creator of the Jerry Garcia Tie, these rare works are all pencil signed by Jerry Garcia and numbered, some annotated in Jerry's hand and carry the unique provenance of having been in the collection since the day they were signed by Jerry.

    RARE - Original Pencil Sketch of Jerry and Keelin on their front Porch - This work was hung in Jerry's home


    In this rare pencil sketch by Jerry Garcia, the enigmatic juxtaposition between beauty and darkness captivates the observer. On the left, a poignant scene unfolds—a tranquil moment on the porch,...

    Saddam - Pencil Signed By Jerry Garcia


    Within the realm of pen and ink, "Saddam" emerges—a satirical testament by Jerry Garcia. Every stroke tells a tale of wit and critique, inviting viewers to delve into its provocative...

    Never Swat A Fly - Pencil Signed By Jerry Garcia


    In the world of pen and ink, "Never Swat a Fly" emerges—a captivating testament by Jerry Garcia. Each intricate stroke weaves a tale, inviting viewers to decipher its enigmatic narrative....

    Bird - Artists Proof - Signed


    In "Bird," Jerry Garcia transcends the boundaries of black and white, conjuring a monochromatic narrative that sparks the imagination. A colossal avian presence towers over a lone figure, its grandeur...

    Humiliation At The Animal Party - 197/500 - Framed


    In "Humiliation at the Animal Party," Jerry Garcia's pen and ink prowess takes center stage, crafting a visual narrative that resonates beyond the lines. This monochromatic masterpiece captures a poignant...

    Arches - Artists Proof - Signed by Jerry


     "Arches," a watercolor creation by Jerry Garcia, beckons us into a realm where perception dances with illusion. Two elegant arches grace the scene, inviting contemplation that ventures beyond the surface....

    Courtyard - 40/500 - Signed by Jerry


    In "Courtyard," Jerry Garcia's watercolor brush becomes a conduit to an enigmatic realm of shifting perspectives and haunting beauty. Shades of blue and purple intertwine, casting an ethereal aura that...

    Grandmas House - 4/500


    In "Grandma's House," Jerry Garcia's pen and ink conjures a whimsical narrative that blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination. Amidst the intricate lines, a peculiar spectacle unfolds — a...

    Sax Player - 44/300


    In "Sax Player," Jerry Garcia's pen and ink conjures a timeless tribute to the spirit of music. The scene unfolds with masterful simplicity — a saxophonist at rest, enveloped in...

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