StraxAR™ FAQs

StraxAR™ FAQs:

Are special changes required to our label or logo or packaging for StraxAR™ to work?  Do we need to add a QR code or special graphic to make it work?

No. StraxAR™ requires no change to the label or graphic of anything to work.  StraxAR™ will recognize the image as is and work instantly worldwide wherever it sees this image. 

Can StraxAR™ turn our product into a “living media channel” where we could create something episodic without any changes in the program or platform?

Yes.  StraxAR™ can easily support the steady creation and flow of episodic media programming.

Can StraxAR™ be emdedded inside an existing brands app?  

Yes no problem.

Can a brand client create their own content and “attach” it to the label AND/OR to the portal / site? 

Absolutely.  There is an enterprise account creation component where the user can have their own account and create as much as they want.  Their account is secure and will not be seen by any other account.

Can you change the “drop off” point on the fly? EG, if we started with a piece of content that drives towards the ecommerce page, could we change that to a song link on Spotify? Or maybe that happens inside the piece of content, but is that then updated?

Yes you can do that in less than a minute and it will be reflected worldwide instantly

Can I share my AR experiences with friends?

Yes! All you need to do is execute a “record and share” and StraxAR will grab about 20 seconds of the AR experience you are seeing and package it up for you to email or text etc.  

Why StraxAR is infinitely better than QR Codes:

As for QR codes vs brand logos for co-marketing opportunities, no one drinks from a QR code, or wears a QR codes on their feet.  They are abstract.  Brands want their logo associated with the passion the users feel for artists, brands, logos, etc, and that's largely lost with a QR code, not to mention the unnecessary costs associated with packaging changes etc.  StraxAR identifies what it sees, eliminating the need to print and distribute a new label or graphic with a QR code and waiting for it to be distributed.  I firmly believe that QR code triggers will quickly go the way of physical keyboards on smart phones.

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