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In the vanguard of contemporary artistic presentations, "The Art With Action Collection" seamlessly integrates with StraxAR™ technology, offering a groundbreaking experience. For the discerning art enthusiast, this collection boasts some of the world's most revered fine art—now available as limited edition prints, exquisite sculptures, and beyond. Yet, the pièce de résistance lies in its fusion of traditional and digital: each piece serves not merely as a visual delight but as a dynamic gateway to the vast digital realm. With a mere scan, the onlooker is whisked away to exclusive filmic interpretations by the original artist or ushered into a continuously evolving suite of digital experiences. An artful dance between the static and the dynamic, it promises an experience that is perpetually novel and invigorating.


Irwin Sternberg, Founder of Stonehenge

Best known as the legendary creator of the Jerry Garcia Tie, Irwin Sternberg has been a key driving force of the Jerry Garcia Collection of art and sculpture.  The story of the ties is long and fascinating, but here is the gist from Irwin published in the New York Times: “Jerry wearing a tie was unlikely, but he was passionate about getting his art out to people so it could be appreciated,” Sternberg says. "Jerry Garcia agreed to license his artwork for reproduction onto limited edition ties, and in turn, Stonehenge (Irwin's company) offered up a portion of the proceeds to the San Francisco Art Institute where Jerry studied.  
The first Jerry Garcia neckwear collection launched in 1992 at Bloomingdales NY which was reinterpreted from Jerry’s artwork. A collectable hangtag was attached to each tie that reflected the art, name of each piece of art and collection number. Because of the popularity of the ties displaying Jerry's art, Jerry's ties soon became in demand with fans throughout the world which many today have become collectors items. This was also the first time that many got to see Jerry's art which was recognized on all hangtags displaying that individual tie.
The launch at Bloomingdales garnered so many orders, it temporarily interrupted the phone system with orders coming from in from around the world…New York Times, “Jerry Garcia’s vast popularity allowed the ties designs to become one of the best selling lines in the history of neckwear”.

Michael Strawderman, Sculptor

Growing up in the historic Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, Michael Strawderman has been capturing the likenesses of those around him since he was a young child.  Originally working in pencil, he was introduced to the world of bas-relief sculpture in 1989 and he has been working in clay ever since.  But regardless of the medium, the goal is the same for Strawderman when he is creating a portrait and that is to capture the “essence” of the person involved.

         Although mostly self-taught, Strawderman’s work as a foundry artist at the Equestrian Forge in Leesburg, VA allowed him several years to hone his sculpting skills in clay and wax. The company not only provided him with guidance and experience, but would also become instrumental in securing several of the sculptural commissions that Strawderman has been associated with.

         In 2005, 2006, and 2007 Michael Strawderman received commissions to create a series of 13 portrait sculptures of past and current NASCAR and INDY drivers who won races at Chicagoland Raceway in Joliet IL.  These portraits, which included Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., were placed on bronze plaques along the Walk of Champions pathway located there.

         Michael Strawderman is, perhaps, most honored to be associated with the commission for the creation of over fifty portraits of Medal of Honor recipients that served in the United States Air Force.  The creation of these portraits commenced in late 2007 and are located at the Airmen’s Heritage Park at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.  The portraits of these heroic airmen include Eddie Rickenbacker and Col James Doolittle.  Whenever the Air Force awards one of these prestigious awards, Strawderman is the sculptor that is contacted to create the bas-relief portrait. Following this commission a selection of his pieces and a feature article were published in E’lan art magazine.

In 2018, a chance meeting with some fervent Deadheads who saw Michael's works led to the remarkable opportunity to be the first sculptor to be chosen by members of Garcia family to painstakingly sculpt Jerry's paintings and drawings and cast them in fired clay and bronze.  Each work took Michael several months to achieve the perfect accuracy of the work. Here, for the very first time, is the introduction of the Michael Strawderman sculptures of the artwork inspired by Jerry Garcia.  Michael currently resides in Asheville, NC.

Strax Networks Inc.

Strax Networks Inc. & the StraxAR™ App bring the digital world together with the physical world of music, education, entertainment, retail, & visual art by adding digital content onto physical objects.

After downloading the StraxAR™ app on iOS or Android, you simply point your device to the physical target image (for example visual art, a product, a book, or a real-life scene like a historic building), and instantly the virtual experience begins when a new digital layer of information relevant to the target is displayed.

As seen in FORBES, Marketwatch, ARVNews, Loudersound, MelodicRock, TDAmeritrade, BlackandMagazine, RelationshipScience, Finanzen, and more. https://www.straxnetworks.com


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